Dear Refrigerator Manufacturer Product Managers,

eggsWhy does the egg compartment in my refrigerator only have room for one dozen eggs?

There is about an inch clearance above the eggs, and a clear plastic door that isolates eggs from the rest of the contents of my refrigerator which limits the height. There is no way I can stack two cartons of eggs inside. Impossible. Read more of this post

Change Password, Feel Better

Change Password to a Daily AffirmationI like to delegate. It’s fun. So today, I am assigning you a task. Don’t worry, it will take less than two minute to complete, so don’t bother writing it down. Just do it.

TASK – Change your computer password into a positive daily affirmation.

Instead of using gibberish passwords like l33tsp3@k or deceased pet names, use a positive affirmation or goal to reinforce good behavior. Simple.

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