Change Password, Feel Better

Change Password to a Daily AffirmationI like to delegate. It’s fun. So today, I am assigning you a task. Don’t worry, it will take less than two minute to complete, so don’t bother writing it down. Just do it.

TASK – Change your computer password into a positive daily affirmation.

Instead of using gibberish passwords like l33tsp3@k or deceased pet names, use a positive affirmation or goal to reinforce good behavior. Simple.

I am not advocating you get up every morning and repeat things like “I am beautiful,” or “I am a rock star” to yourself in the mirror ten times. Not anything even remotely in that ballpark.  I am also not trying to shove Dickey Fox quotes like “The key to this business is personal relationships” down your throat. I am proposing you spare two minutes to make a seemingly trivial change to introduce some positive behavior reinforcement into your life and build positivity every time you log in.


  • TheFirst90 – Just got a promotion? The first 90 days will make the most meaningful impact as to whether or not you will be perceived as successful in your new role. Rock your promotion!
  • Eat_Healthy – It’s easy to snack while you sit on your butt every day staring at computer monitors. I personally have a drawer full of crap that I could munch on at any time. Exercise some restraint, will ya!
  • AtLeastIAmNotAmyWinehouse! – Can’t think of a positive way to look at yourself? Compare yourself to someone less fortunate.
  • First-Things-First – Not to get all Steven Covey on you, but we often let lower priority things take precedence over things that matter most. So maybe this password will help you remember that.

Why not? What does it hurt? DO IT!

(Yes. I am a PC, and yes, and I am still using Windows XP.)

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