Change Password, Feel Better

Change Password to a Daily AffirmationI like to delegate. It’s fun. So today, I am assigning you a task. Don’t worry, it will take less than two minute to complete, so don’t bother writing it down. Just do it.

TASK – Change your computer password into a positive daily affirmation.

Instead of using gibberish passwords like l33tsp3@k or deceased pet names, use a positive affirmation or goal to reinforce good behavior. Simple.

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Dear Blockbuster Mobile Product Manager,

First off. I love Blockbuster Online. Many others have embraced your competition and given up local movies altogether for online only queues and streaming services or they prefer to stand in a line on a Friday night at the RedBox in their grocery store. I’m old school. I prefer local. So do millions of other consumers just like me. You are only horse in the race of  multichannel home movies, so OWN it

Since there is nothing that crosses the chasm between local and online like mobile, this Open Product Design is for you Blockbuster Mobile Product Manager. Sit back, open your composition notebook, grab a cup of coffee, and listen to the ramblings of a fellow Product Manager who has watched 243 movies using Blockbuster Online.

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