Dear Refrigerator Manufacturer Product Managers,

eggsWhy does the egg compartment in my refrigerator only have room for one dozen eggs?

There is about an inch clearance above the eggs, and a clear plastic door that isolates eggs from the rest of the contents of my refrigerator which limits the height. There is no way I can stack two cartons of eggs inside. Impossible.

Should I wait until I am out before buying more? I think not.

Do I put my OCD on edge and not put eggs in the VIP section of my fridge labeled elusively for eggs? Heresy.

What am I supposed to do when I buy a new carton of eggs when the last one still has a few eggs inside? At this point, you force me to play favorites. Do I put the new eggs inside since they are–you know–new; or, leave the old ones there since I want them to get used first. The egg compartment is logically the first place one should look for eggs, I would be terrified if someone took eggs out of the new carton before finishing off the old ones. Absolutely Terrified.

So, instead of all this anguish and consternation every time I buy new eggs, please make the egg compartments in refrigerators tall enough for two dozen eggs.

P.s. I am not sure what the pull-down plastic shield is for. I am assuming the pivoting plastic is protection so eggs don’t get fertilized by the rotisserie chicken since riot gear style face shield so the eggs don’t get broken seems a bit excessive.

Open idea disclaimer:  This post is an idea I had to improve an existing product, website feature, or whatever.  I didn’t check to see if anyone was already doing this. I have no idea if some troll has a patent on it. I believe that ideas are a dime a dozen, and execution is what turns ideas into worthwhile things. Since I don’t have time or the ambition to pursue this idea, I am openly posting it on my blog. If you take this idea and make a few bucks, buy me a beer; if you make millions, how about a nice bottle of 30 year Scotch.

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