Dear Refrigerator Manufacturer Product Managers,

eggsWhy does the egg compartment in my refrigerator only have room for one dozen eggs?

There is about an inch clearance above the eggs, and a clear plastic door that isolates eggs from the rest of the contents of my refrigerator which limits the height.  There is no way I can stack two cartons of eggs inside. Impossible. Read more of this post

Tristan Perich

Tristan PerichThanks to this tweet from Fast Company, I dove head first into a rabbit hole today. By the time I came back up for air a couple hours later, I had ordered a (1) CD that isn’t a CD, (2) five stepper motor/controller sets, and (3) 20 empty plastic spools from China.

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Concerning Rabbit Holes

rabbitThis post is largely concerned with Rabbit Holes, and from its words a reader may discover much of their character and a little of their history.

From time to time, something strikes such a fancy in me that despite all reason and care for time, commitments, or responsibilities I have no choice but
to chase it down the rabbit hole. To drink its potion. To look beyond the surface, explore every corner and to only surface only upon my curiosity’s insatiable gluttony having been filled.

The catalyst is often a random passing notion.  The bottom of the rabbit hole is not always interesting, but the journey is worth the while.  Especially when the rabbit I am chasing is no ordinary rabbit.

Everybody likes pi

When I was a kid, I took everything apart.  I dissected our Merlin handheld game, a Simon game that someone gave us, and my brother Paul’s Tomy Pac Man game.  I disassembled basically everything I could find that I could open up with a phillips screwdriver.  If you were electronic or mechanical based, and in my house in mid 80’s, you would have been nervous.  Some of the things I took apart even went back together, and a subset of them even still worked afterword. Read more of this post

I hate replacing remote control batteries

SONY DSCIt’s not like remote controls are in constant use. They lay on the coffee table all day and night, waiting for the 60 seconds a day that you actually want to use it. It is really frustrating when the batteries are getting low on their charge. I go out of my way to contort my body to ensure that I am pointing the remote directly at the IR sensor of the cable box. I press the button harder in case that helps deliver more juice to the transmitter. When that doesn’t work, I see if the TV remote has batteries that work — darn it, that one takes AAA batteries. Now what? I get up and walk over to the junk drawer in the kitchen that contains a bunch of C batteries, a single D battery, two 9-volt batteries — I put one of them on my tongue to feel the metallic shock like I used to when I was a kid — and a couple of loose AA batteries from different brands in the bottom. I grab those and come back to the couch and replace both batteries. Nothing. Now I take one of the old ones, and one of the ones from the bottom of the junk drawer. Nope. Now I switch them around. Nada. You get the point, by this time it would have been so much easier to get off my butt and walk over to the cable box and change the channel. Read more of this post