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Why write a blog?
I talk a lot at work. A whole lot. Product Management is about talking to people about problems. Thinking for a bit. Talking to them about a possible solutions. Getting confirmation that you aren’t smoking something. Writing Requirements. Then talking to everyone else about those requirements. Some folks think I have a lot of good stuff to say. Others probably think I should just shut up.

Blogging gives me an opportunity to collect random thoughts, articulate them into coherent (sometimes) and meaningful (hopefully) topics, and share with you. Mostly without talking.

Why blog now?
Good question. Why not? Bad answer. The honest answer is I want to share the unspoken and seldom written thoughts and ideas that float around my head before they are forgotten or become obsolete.

Why am I sharing ideas so freely?

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Actually, I believe they are quite worthless. Ideas only matter if you or someone else executes them. I have had tons of ideas over the years. Some good. Some bad. Most of these ideas lay dormant, unshared, and unexecuted.

My posts are free, but regretfully, also “as is”.  I hold no claim that my thoughts or ideas are interesting, useful, unique, worthwhile, or even well written.

Welcome to iStreeter.
Feel free to interact in however you choose. Tweets are sweet! Comments are awesome! Referrals are awesomer.

I hope you like it enough to come back from time to time.

(Oh, by the way, I have no affiliation applied or inferred to any other iAnything out there — it is just a domain and my name.)

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